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2 Online Programs for Dialysis Technician Training

If you are looking for a Dialysis Technician Training provider, consider the convenience of Trainup.com.

This website allows you to become a dialysis technician in instructor-led situation and through E-learning software. This website provides Dialysis Technician training through classroom training classes, online training classes, on-site training courses, and web cast training courses. If you are looking to take the training course in person, it can be completed in just one day in Beachwood, Ohio! Dialysis technicians are required to receive instruction in five core areas including: Education and Personal Development, Patient Care, Principles of Dialysis, Quality Issues, and Water Treatment.

Take a look at the Dialysis Technician training options and details described in detail on Trainup.com!


Dialysis 4 Career is an innovative school that provides dialysis training for LPNs and RNs.

The course consists of 50% lecture and 50% clinical training. The course outline consists of: Anatomy and Physiology, Wellness and Disease Concepts, Psychosocial Problems, Ethics, Communication, Lab Values, Infection Control Procedures, and more! You will become familiar with hemodialysis machines and equipment through the hands-on training provided on two different types of hemodialysis machines. Also, enjoy taking advantage of internships when available and qualified. You may also want to look into the e-Learning section of the website, which is focused on preparing students for a rewarding career in Hemodialysis training. This option is $549.00.

Check out the regional and online training options at Dialysis4career.com!

13 Local Programs for Dialysis Technician Training

Nemrac Infusion Technology, Inc.

With Nemrac Infusion Technology, Inc. is based out of Bronx, New York, but has courses scattered throughout the country. Currently, this course is offered in both Carson and San Francisco. In order to stay up-to-date with the times and locations, you should frequently visit the website.

This course is extremely short, as it takes only 7 days to complete. However, because it is so quick, the program is intensive. In this program, you will receive hands-on training with machines, as well as other Hemodialysis devices. There are several topics that will be covered, everything from the basics to hands-on practice.

Because the pricing varies per state, you can call the registration office at 650-201-1645 or 646-207-9934 in order to find out the costs.

Medical Career College

The Medical Career College is located in Fremont, California. Here, the program to become a Certified Hemodialysis technician involves both theoretical and hands-on learning.

The CHT program requires a combination of 80 hours of theory and 200 hours of clinical supervised training. Within this supervised training, the student may administer local anesthetics, heparin, and sodium chloride solutions.

In order to qualify for this program, you must pass a physical exam, be at least 17 years of age, and be able to present a valid California ID and Social Security Number, possess basic English and math skills and have proof of a high school diploma or GED.

In order to find out more information, visit the web site or walk in (if able) to register!

The Hemodialysis Training School

The Hemodialysis Training School is located in both Union City and Merced, California. This program is a total of 11 weeks, and a combination of 80 hours of theory and 240 hours of clinical training.

Enrolling in this program costs $7,500.00, and can be dispersed over a number of different payment plans (from 2 to 4 installments). But compared to how much you will learn, practice, and succeed with a career, the cost is nothing. For instance, the theory part of the course will introduce you to a number of different topics, and during the clinical training, you will be supervised by a Preceptor with over 5 years of field experience while you role play situations, practice cannulations, and more.

Visit The Hemodialysis Training School’s site and you will be able to review a sample schedule, and find out the answers to questions you may have!


Central Georgia Technical College

The Central Georgia Technical College offers over 190 different programs, from trade and industrial, to business technology. The Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist is part of the Health Technology program, which requires applicants to be at least 17 years of age with either a high school diploma or a GED. Additionally, the application fee is a non-refundable $15.00.

The Hemodialysis program is located on the Macon campus and requires a total of 21 credits, and provides students with a certificate. The courses are Introduction to Health Care, Hemodialysis Patient Care, Hemodialysis Practicum, and Introduction to Microcomputers. Beforehand, and in order to be considered for admission, students must have also completed the Health program’s core classes.

The Central Georgia Technical College’s hemodialysis program is competitive, and therefore it is also successful. In order to find out more information, visit the website or contact the admissions office at (478)757-3400.


Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College is one of the City Colleges of Chicago. The Dialysis program offered is called Nephrology (or Renal Dialysis), and requires roughly two years of schooling.

In order to be considered for admission, the applicant must meet a number of requirements. You must be 18 years or older, able to submit the completed application along with a high school diploma or GED certificate and two letters of recommendation. Additionally, you must provide official transcripts for all of the college courses taken, submit a letter to the program’s administration office stating why you chose this specific program, and achieve a “C” or better in English 101.

Upon completing the Nephrology program at Malcolm X College, you will receive an Associate in Applied Sciences. Visit the website to find out more!


If you are looking for a Dialysis Technician Program, consider the Southland Health Careers Certification Program in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

This specific program takes just 50-hours to complete and provides students with knowledge and skills. Students will learn to work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses and will be taught how to operate kidney dialysis machines, prepare dialyzer reprocessing and delivery systems. Students in the dialysis technician program will also learn to assess patients for any complications that may occur during the procedure and prepare for emergency measures if necessary. Finally, dialysis technician students will train for at-home dialysis treatment and learn to provide emotional support for self-care.

Learn more about the Dialysis Technician Certification Program and application process online at Southlandhealthcareers.org today!

New Jersey

The Star Institute

The Star Career Academy has a Dialysis Technician program available at each of the four campus locations in the state of New Jersey, which are Newark, Brick, Clifton, and Egg Harbor Township. Therefore, this course is easily accessible for those who are residents of the state.

The program itself is a combination of both hands-on experience and lecture (or theory), making you more than qualified for an entry-level position in the field. The courses you will take are introductory classes, such as “Introduction to Dialysis and Renal Disease” and “Patient Care and Clinical Fundamentals,” as well as more advanced classes. While participating in clinical practice, you will use a variety of equipment. This combination of education and training will prep you for careers at hospital centers, transplant centers, Outpatient Maintenance Dialysis Centers, and more!

New York


If you live in New York and are looking to become a Dialysis Technician, you might want to consider receiving your training from The Manhattan Institute.

Here, you can complete your training as a Dialysis Technician in only six weeks! Once in the Dialysis Technician Course you will learn: Introduction to hemodialysis, Chemistry of body fluids, Water in the human body, Renal anatomy and physiology, Hemodialysis devices, Patient treatment procedures, Nutrition management, Health factors in dialysis, and more. You can register for this course easily by going online, making a simple phone call, or registering in person! Once you receive training, you will be eligible for employment in hospitals, some nursing facilities, long term care facilities, and other similar medical settings.

Learn more about this program online at Manhattaninstitute.com!


Dialysis4career is a licensed and registered proprietary school of New York State, located in Hempstead, in Nassau County. With this program, you will receive training directly in the clinical facilities, which will be divided evenly between lectures and clinical training.

By partnering with Borough Manhattan Community College, this School of Hemodialysis has bettered its program, and brings 26 years of experience to the students. Not only can you apply to participate in the certification program, but you can now enroll in the online training certification program, both of which are a total of 96 hours. With an online option, Dialysis4career enables the student to save both time and money. The program is just $649.00!

If you are pressed for time, or if you are interested in a hands-on learning experience, Dialysis4career could be the right choice for you; visit the site to find out more!

The Star Institute

The Star Career Academy was founded in 1979, and has since adopted the allied health training programs, such as Dialysis Technician training.

With several courses, both introductory and advanced, this program, located in Syosset, NY, has what it takes to train you for an entry-level Hemodialysis technician. In addition, you will also receive a hands-on learning experience, using equipment such as stethoscopes, autoclave sterilizers, sphygmomanometers, centrifuges, and much, much more!

In order to request more information, such as the length of the program or the costs, you can call the institute at 1-800-659-STAR, or submit a request from the website, at http://starinstitute.com/contact.php.


Collins Career Center

The Dialysis Technician program at Collins Career Center is located at the main campus which is in Chesapeake, Ohio. The program is a total of 610 hours, and runs from October to May. During this period, you will take an array of courses, such as Communication, Dialysis Clinical, Dialysis Theory, Basic Math, CPR, Dialysis Lab, Anatomy and Physiology, and plenty more. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to participate in clinical time outside of class.

Once you complete this program, which costs $3,200.00, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Ohio Department of Education. This certification will enable you to apply for a certificate from the Ohio Board of Nursing, which authorizes you to practice as a Dialysis Technician.

To find out more, visit the Collins Career Center online!


The Star Institute

The Start Career Academy, also known as the Star Institute, has a Dialysis Technician program at both of its campus locations in the state of Pennsylvania. Here, you can choose to study (by convenience or by preference) at the Norristown location or the Philadelphia location.

While the Norristown campus is approximately 32,356 square feet and is located in a suburban setting, the Philadelphia location occupies 32,000 square feet in a more urban setting. However, although these two campuses may be different in location, they provide the same educational and training program for those interested in becoming a Dialysis Technician. For instance, they offer the same courses, introductory and advanced, as well as hands-on experience, using equipment such as sphygmomanometers, medical scales, and many more!

To find out more, you can either submit a request to the institution, or call at 1-800-659-STAR.


Milwaukee Area Technical College

The Milwaukee Area Technical College offers a Technical Diploma for those students who complete the 2-semester Renal Dialysis Technician program, which is part of the School of Health and Sciences at the Downtown Milwaukee campus.

Here, students are admitted through a petition process. One criterion in the process is residency; the selection will be based on residency and will be prioritized by those who live in the Milwaukee Area Technical College school district, followed by those who live in the state of Wisconsin, and finally out-of-state residents. The college’s website provides additional information on the petition process.

As the site only provides brief information on the Renal Dialysis Technician program, you may want to contact the Admissions Information office at 414-297-MATC, or email info@matc.edu.


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